Current Product

There is currently only one product in the shop because we want to see how well shipping this from within the United States works for this shop. We have learned from last year's mistakes and have taken measures to fix all of them. This product came straight from the Cohiba manufacture and has gone through quality control tests. We want to ensure that we are giving the customer the best value in their lighter shopping.

We were having issues with the shipping of the lighters last year. Some of the lighters came in an envelope and were not in a gift box like the customer wanted. This was very disappointing for the customer. If the lighter did come with a box it was damaged from the shipping process and the customers were not happy. We have taken things even further with the lighter by not only the lighter going through quality control tests the box for that lighter does as well. We don't want any of our customers to be unhappy with their purchase.

These are the back end images of the current lighter. The lighter will come as shown below.