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Choose from four great DRI jet lighters as your next purchase. We offer free shipping worldwind.  

DRI Custom Lighters

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Help Section

We will be creating a help section soon on how to use and maintain jet lighters. These will include videos and pictures to help people understand t...

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You can get a replacement lighter if something goes wrong with your lighter. To get the replacement lighter you will need to send us a picture or v...

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Current Product

There is currently only one product in the shop because we want to see how well shipping this from within the United States works for this shop. We...

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This will teach you the basics of maintenance and use of jet lighters

Help And Maintenance

Fuel Type

All of our lighters use premium lighter fluid. The best kinds of fuel to use on these lighters is multi-staged filtered butane. Normal filtered but...

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More jets = More Fuel

The jet lighters will use up more fuel as the number of jets in the lighter increases. If you buy a jet lighter with 1 jet you will use X amount of...

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